Keeping Busy!

Hello everyone!

It has been great catching up with all your families, speaking with you and hearing how well you are doing, not only with your home learning, but also lots of varied activities. We’re so proud of you all!

We have updated the Home Learning page for Reception to include a ‘Minibeasts’ project, together with loads of creative activities linked to this topic. There are also activities on the Oak National Academy link too. Take a look and have a go!

Many years ago people began celebrating VE Day, this means ‘Victory in Europe Day’. This celebration remembers a very special time and thanks many people who helped us all those years ago. This Friday will be VE Day. Celebrations this year could be having a VE Day picnic in your garden with your family, decorating your home in red, white and blue, making your very own bunting or baking a special cake. It would be lovely, if you have any photos of this celebration to send them in.

Below are some lovely photographs of some of the amazing things you have been busy doing. Please do feel free to send in photographs to We love to see how you are getting on and will include them on our blog, for your friends to see too.

Aaryan and Rohan have been so busy, with all their home learning. They have also been sowing sunflower seeds, which will look wonderful when they grow. Aaryan and Rohan have painted a beautiful rainbow and created amazing models. They have been busy writing lovely messages for mommy and daddy, helping to cook and having a great time in the sun!

Ella has been exploring her garden for our ‘Growth’ topic, looking for insects and plants. She found a beautiful camellia flower and a caterpillar. Ella has found some more creatures for our ‘Minibeasts’ topic and made some wonderful snail models and colourful prints. Ella, those cookies look delicious!

Eddie has been playing board games, spending lots of time outside helping Nanny to plant vegetables and tidy her plant pots and has enjoyed baking. Eddie and his sister Layla performed a Jack and the Beanstalk play for Mommy and Daddy too.

Frankie made an Easter bonnet and Easter cake. She enjoyed making tickets to bring the cinema into her home. Frankie has been doing her home learning and she has also made some fantastic Hungry Caterpillar models using salt dough as part of her ‘Growth’ project. Frankie, you’ve been very busy making play dough pizza and a lovely birthday card for Nanny.

Sydney-Ann has been super busy with her family. She has been working hard with her home learning. Sydney-Ann has also found out about static electricity whilst playing on the trampoline! As part of our ‘Growth’ project Sydney-Ann’s family have made vegetable plots, learning how to look after the vegetables as they grow. Sydney-Ann has also found some interesting creatures in her garden, including Cyril the squirrel!

Maxwell sends a lovely message, thank you Maxwell, that’s very kind.

Take care everyone,

Mrs West and Mrs Lloyd xx

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  1. Wow!!!
    What fantastic pictures! It’s so lovely to see the amazing things you have been doing while you are staying safe at home.
    I have been keeping very busy too and today I am planning and making decorations for our V.E celebrations tomorrow! Let us know what you’ve been making!! I can’t wait to see all your creative ideas ❤️
    I am missing you all!!! 🐝🐛🦋🐞🕷🍄🌻

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