Chinese New Year

We enjoyed hearing about Chinese New Year, learning about how each yeas are named after a different animal. The order was decided by all the animals having a race to see who would be first. This year is the Year of the Rat. We spent time with our buddy class, and tasted some Chinese food. We also opened our fortune cookies, reading the message inside. They were full of wise thoughts about trying hard and doing our best.

We watched Chinese dragon dances on our interactive white board. We loved the dances we saw that were taking place in New York – some of the dragons even lit up! We decided to make our own dragon, and dance around a school visiting all the different classes.

We stuck, painted, collaged and glittered until our dragon head was finished. We chose green fabric to hide under to be our body.

Some children were the dragon and some children played musical instruments to accompany the dance.
We really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year!

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